Welcome to Wenzhou Longzhu Iron & Steel Valve Co., Ltd!

Welcome to Wenzhou Longzhu Iron & Steel Valve Co., Ltd!

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Wenzhou Longzhu Iron & Steel Valve Co., Ltd.

Add :No.19, Longyong Road (Xiongxin) , Longwan District , Wenzhou City , Zhejiang Province

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Wenzhou Longzhu Iron and Steel Valve Co., Ltd. (Longzhu) is located in Wenzhou Xiongxin Industrial Zone, next to Yaoxi Scenic Zone in the south, 5km away from Wenzhou Airport, 12km away from Wenzhou Railway Station and 3km away from Wenzhou Longwan Wan-ton Wharf, enjoying beautiful sceneries and convenient transportation. Founded in 1986, Longzhu has gone through thirty years of winds and rains and developed into one of Wenzhou’s largest professional casting enterprises integrating the R&D, casting, machining and marketing of valve castings and machine parts. Moreover, the company has been awarded “Model Integrity Enterprise”, “Honest Private Business”, “Zhejiang AAA-grade Credit Enterprise”, and “Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation in Longwan District”, “Wenzhou Well-known Trademark and Zhejiang Well-known Trade Name. Moreover, the company was rated as National High-tech Enterprise in 2015.

Major products of Longzhu are valve castings and supporting mechanical castings. Annually, Longzhu can produce more than 4,000 tons of steel castings and over 1,000 tons of iron castings. Steel types Longzhu uses contain carbon steel, middle-low alloy steel, duplex stainless steel ASTM A995 4A/5A/6A, ASTM A351 CK3MCuN and ultralow temperature steel types with special uses; while cast irons cover alloy cast iron, high-chromium iron, etc.

Quality lies in professionalism and reliability depends on technology. Longzhu not only has world-class resin sand founding production lines, digital controlled lathes, machining centers and other advanced processing devices, but also boasts perfect process facilities, standardized manufacturing and division of labor based on specialization; and has formed a complete production and manufacturing process. Furthermore, Longzhu has invested a huge sum in technical transformation and has set up a special new product R&D center.

All the time, Longzhu adheres to a quality policy of “Treating People with Sincerity, Seeking for Prosperity with Quality” and a principle of “Reputation First, Quality First”, sets up an industry-leading modern quality inspection and test center, and tests outgoing products strictly with direct-reading spectrometer, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, all-digital ultrasonic fault detectors, screen display hydraulic pressure universal testers, radiographic testing machine, coordinate Measuring Machine, molten steel thermocouple thermometer and other inspection devices. So far, Longzhu has obtained the CE certification of the EU and the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification relying on its reliable product quality.

Over the years, Longzhu has always taken continuous improvement and final customer satisfaction as its tenet, firmly established a rapid and considerate service concept, always adhered to being market-and customer-oriented, provided sound after-sales service according to customers’ requirements and enhanced customer value maximally. Currently, Longzhu has a broad overseas market, while 80% of its products are exported to the USA, Germany, Canada, Britain, Japan, Switzerland, India and other countries and regions and are highly praised by customers for quality.

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