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Wenzhou valve enterprises bagged nearly half of the oil projects

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-31 14:33

Wenzhou valve enterprises bagged nearly half of the oil projects

The 2014 PetroChina’s authorized centralized valve procurement tender was held a few days ago. 13 valves manufacturers including Wenzhou Baoyi, KCM and other companies won 52 of the 115 projects, accounting for 45% of the total, becoming the biggest winner. This is the news learned by the reporter from the second general meeting of the Zhejiang Pump Industry Association held on November 5. PetroChina holds the centralized valve procurement tender meeting once every two years, which means that successful enterprises can obtain orders from PetroChina for two consecutive years. It is expected that this can contribute 3 billion yuan in sales annually to Wenzhou enterprises.

Secretary-General of Zhejiang Pump Industry Association, Chen Wenrong, expressed that in the 1990s, large state-owned enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec dared not use valves manufactured in Wenzhou; about a decade ago, they started to try to use them. Today, the city has become the largest manufacturing base in the valve procurement system of PetroChina. We can safely say that the valve industry in Wenzhou has made a nice turnaround after 20 years of unremitting efforts. 
However, under the impact of the continuing downturn in the global economic situation, the valve industry in Wenzhou has realized contrarian growth, but the increase has declined in varying degrees. According to statistics, Yongjia Valve Industry realized a total industrial output value of 25.096 billion yuan last year, an increase of 1.6%. The number of industry-wide orders on hand is decreased by 17.3% over the previous year.
Chairman of  Bethel Valve Group Co., Ltd., Huang Shengfeng who was re-elected president of Valve Industry Association of Zhejiang Province said that the association would accelerate the establishment of e-commerce platform of the valve industry to drive the rapid growth in the real economy; at the same time, they will also promote joint restructuring of the valve enterprises, to create a number of leading enterprises  with strong competitiveness at home and abroad, and promote the healthy development of the valve industry.

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