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A Cautious spring of 2013 for the valve casting industryA Cautious spring of 2013 for the valve casting industry

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A Cautious spring of 2013 for the valve casting industry

It shows that the valve casting industry is in a period of stalemate and is seeking new directions. The problems and opportunities that the industry is confronted are as follows: 
I. Technological backwardness, huge waste of raw materials
According to statistics, the national total output of castings in 2009 was 35.3 million tons, ranking top of the world for 10 consecutive years, at an average annual increase rate of 10.9%; however, due to the limitation of the casting process level, cast steel, cast iron and other raw materials are hugely wasted in the production process. Most China's valve casting enterprises have such drawbacks as small scale, low industrial concentration, irrational product structure, weak capacity for independent innovation, backward technology and equipment, while the extensive development mode of high input, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency, and low efficiency is evident. In the background that sees increasingly stringent requirements for energy saving, backward processes prevent the Chinese valve industry from saving costs, winning larger space for survival in the fierce market competitions, and achieving long-term development.
II. Low per capita consumption, and weak foundation 
It is understood that the valve casting industry is a sunrise industry, but the per capita consumption of valve castings in our country is not high compared with the international level, which is only 22 US dollars per capita, which belongs to an initial stage. The current international economic form is complex, and the capital debt crisis is being intensified. China's iron and steel, and metal products are facing severe situations in export. If the valve casting industry wants to achieve considerable development, stimulating domestic demand is inevitable. However, the current domestic demand side is in a downturn, and there is still a long way to go for the subsequent development.
III. Slow recovery of the manufacturing sector 
Statistics show that in November China's manufacturing PMI was 50.6%, up 0.4% over October, and the index edged up steadily over the last three months, showing that the domestic economy is bottoming out; however, the current concern is that small enterprises still show lackluster operations, and their PMI index has been at 50% or less since April, which even fell In November instead of rising. As a whole, the manufacturing sector does not have a solid foundation to pick up. Valve casting is a branch of the manufacturing industry, whose relative process is influenced by the macro environment.
IV. Limited policy side expectations
The Central Government’s Economic Work Conference is upcoming. How will the state set the tone of the economic trends in 2013 is still pending. With the launch of the US QE4 on December 13, I think that we should take a cautious view on the domestic policy side. It is reported that, during the development of the foundry industry, energy conservation, loose monetary and other state policies have a significant impact on this industry; the development of valve casting enterprises need to pay more attention to changes in the foundry industry, and flexibly make adjustments according to their own operating conditions. With limited expectations for the policy side, the development of the valve casting industry in 2013 presents a cautiously optimistic state.
Based on the above point of view, with the economy bottoming out in the fourth quarter of 2012, people inside the industry expect better economy in 2013 than in 2012, but from point of view of the industrial base, technological level, the policy side and other factors, we still need to take a cautious view on whether the spring of the valve casting industry will come in the 2013. We should not be overly optimistic in the expectations. (Fubao Steel)

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